Belltree are proud to announce the commercial release of our oil & gas benchmarking software bMark™. bMark™ addresses the Oil & Gas industry’s need for a commercially available, cost effective means of benchmarking the performance of oil and gas fields. By harnessing the power of analogues, bMark™ allows users to convert technical data into simple, value-based answers.


Following a four year development process, including the creation of a bespoke, global oil and gas field database, bMark™ is now available to licence for individuals and companies throughout the industry. The initial release of bMark™ is only the beginning; continuing upgrades and improvements are already planned for development. All bMark™ clients will receive free on-going software upgrades, as well as access to the regularly updated bMark™ oil & gas field database.


For more information about bMark™, or to request a trial, please see the bMark™ section of our website.

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