Discover Data

bMark™ allows you to discover global oil & gas field data within an easy-to-learn interface. In-built analysis, mapping and plotting features minimise time spent handling data, giving you more time to gain insights.

48,000+ Fields & Reservoirs

Get Global Field Data

  • Geological & Structural Character
  • Petrophysical & Fluid Quality
  • Volume-in-Place & Reserves
  • Topsides & Well Count
  • IOR / EOR Methods

4,600+ Production Histories

Access Real Production Histories

  • Production & Injection Profiles
  • Well Build Curves
  • Remaining Reserves Forecasts
  • Normalised Ratios & Metrics
  • Unique statistical analysis of profiles

Integrated Analytics

Maximise Insights from Data

  • Fully integrated GIS interface
  • Regression & statistical analysis
  • Custom user data calculator
  • Production profile analysis

Discover Benchmarks

bMark™ Machine Learning benchmarks target the most critical field development questions. Benchmark predictions simultaneously adjust for the most important reservoir, fluid & development parameters.

Recovery Factor

Are your reserves realistic?

  • Compare RF% vs Analogues
  • Predict RF% with Machine Learning

  • Calibrate forecasts vs real-world

  • Highlight under-performing fields

  • Audit allocation & reserves

  • Assess impact of EOR programs

Drilling Programs

How many wells do you need?

  • Compare well counts vs analogues
  • Predict the number of wells needed

  • Highlight under-drilled fields

  • Compare phases – E&A/Ramp/Infill

Facility Sizing

Is your facility utilisation sub-par?

  • Optimise facility design capacities
  • Avoid over/under capitalisation
  • Highlight poorly utilised assets
  • Link facility & reserve performance

Discover Empowerment

bMark™ empowers teams with an independent, statistically robust data set and suite of analysis tools, complementing traditional engineering, geoscience & commercial workflows.


Calibrate Exploration Studies

  • Strengthen volumetric inputs with real-world statistics

  • Efficiently locate field analogues

  • Get early, robust calibration on recovery & profile shape

  • Integrate internal prospects via GIS map & user database


Optimise Development Studies

  • Highlight producing field upside with benchmarking
  • Rapidly QC inputs & outputs for modelling studies
  • Compare development metrics e.g wells/acre, producer:injector ratio
  • Screen candidates for IOR / EOR

New Ventures

Improve Due Diligence

  • Rapidly QC seller data vs. analogue trends
  • Benchmark portfolio to quickly assess seller’s views
  • Assess entire portfolio in one place
  • Encrypted project files ensure security of sensitive data

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Case Studies

Discover how bMark has helped others discover & deliver maximum value from their portfolios

Decoding a Complex Offshore Waterflood

bMark™ global data and benchmarks were deployed to hunt for hidden value in a mature offshore oil field with a complex reservoir & production history



  • Complex 1000MMbbl offshore oil field with 20 years history

  • 12 fault blocks & 5 reservoir horizons generated 60 separate reservoir pools which had been developed across multiple platforms

  • Huge variance in development efficiency across different reservoir pools with multiple drive mechanisms deployed


Project Highlights:

  • bMark™ used to rapidly organize disparate field data spreadsheets into a single reference project file

  • Recovery Factor benchmarking conducted at field, fault block & reservoir pool level

  • Aggregate analysis conducted, quantifying impact of varying drive mechanisms across different pools (see image)



  • Operator model of production allocation challenged in key reservoirs, leading to re-think of fault connectivity assumptions

  • Under-developed reservoir pools highlighted

  • Potential upside resource quantified at >80MMbbl

  • Project completed in < 2 weeks

Highlighting a 30% Reserves Uplift

bMark™ global data and benchmarks were used to analyse a portfolio of oil fields in Gabon ahead of a planned acquisition.



  • 13 producing fields in Gabon placed for sale

  • Belltree engaged to provide benchmarking study for prospective buyer


Project Highlights:

  • bMark™ used to rapidly conduct a full quality-check of the technical data provided in the seller’s data room

  • Recovery Factor benchmarking conducted at field level indicated that majority of forward value potential held in just 2 fields – this helped to streamline the due diligence effort

  • The impact of thin oil rims on recovery performance was quantified versus international analogues and factored into forecasts



  • +30% reserves upside potential recognized vs seller’s numbers

  • Project completed in < 2 weeks

  • Successful acquisition