Building a National Data Repository with Analogue Data

In the digital age, data has become crucial to oil and gas companies, driving decision-making processes and enhancing efficiency throughout the upstream oil and gas lifecycle. Therefore, in the quest for digital transformation, it’s crucial not to overlook the value that analogue data brings to the table.

Benchmarking analysis enables operators to compare their performance against industry standards, highlighting areas for improvement and optimization. So, this functionality fosters a culture of continuous improvement, as businesses can set realistic goals based on real-world data comparisons.

Maximizing Performance with Analogue Data

Analogue data often contains subtle patterns and insights that might be overlooked in a purely digital dataset. By incorporating analogue data into your repository, you increase the chances of discovering hidden correlations that can drive more accurate predictions and smarter decision-making.

A well-constructed data repository serves as the foundation for informed decision-making. It provides decision-makers with the necessary insights and information to make strategic choices that align with business goals and objectives.

Enhancing Data Accuracy and Uncovering Hidden Patterns

Analogue data can act as a valuable cross-reference, helping to validate and enhance the accuracy of digital datasets. By combining both types of data, users can create a more reliable and robust repository that reflects the true state of affairs.

The Power of bMark™ in Data Management

bMark™ is a comprehensive software solution offering a global database, over 51,000 field & reservoirs data, predictive analytics, and advanced benchmarks, can be the key to creating a successful data repository that maximizes performance.

bMark™’s strength lies in its expansive global database, providing users with a diverse and comprehensive collection of data from various industries and sectors. This global reach ensures that your data repository is not limited by geographical constraints. It provides a more holistic view of your business environment. bMark™ empowers users to make informed decisions based on a rich and diverse dataset. This extensive collection allows for benchmarking against industry standards. Identifying trends and gaining valuable insights that can drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Additionally, going beyond merely storing data, bMark™ empowers organizations with predictive analytics capabilities. By leveraging historical analogue data, the software can forecast future trends, helping operators stay ahead of the curve and make proactive decisions rather than reactive ones. This predictive power is invaluable for strategic planning and risk management.

As organizations grow, so does the volume and complexity of their data. A robust data repository is scalable and capable of accommodating increasing data loads and evolving technology. This futureproofing ensures that your data management infrastructure remains effective in the long run.

bMark™’s software solution provides a powerful platform for building a successful data repository. By leveraging the benefits of both digital and analogue data, upstream operators can maximize performance. But also, foster innovation and make informed decisions that drive success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Technical assurance given at Final Investment Decision

Greenfield oil development offshore Mexico; 1500MMstb in place

  • bMark™ helped identify twelve (12) key producing analogues, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data analytics & benchmarking performed on the reservoir data. Production profiles, recovery factor forecasts & development plan supporting the FID case
  • Insights supported the FID mid-case plan & forecasts, whilst also provided guidance on areas for further modelling & sensitivity analysis.

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