A Material Balance Study Reveals Valuable Insights from Oil Fields in Egypt 🌍

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Brief: Our Client required a model to enable #forecasting of #field recoveries from planned #redevelopment. ☑

• Belltree #Advisory team developed fully history matched material balance model for two complex #onshore water-flooded fields.✔
• #bMark™ Recovery Factor (RF%) benchmarking assessed if recoveries from the material balance models were reasonable vs analogues ✔
• Ultimately, Results were found to be on trend with a number of other onshore #Egyptian assets. ✔

◾ About #bMark™ 
bMark™ software is a powerful tool that provides technical assurance in planned #redevelopment projects by benchmarking the recoveries from #materialbalance models against #analogues. This allows engineers to assess whether the expected recoveries are reasonable, which can greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the models. Book yourself a demo here: Belltree

By using bMark’s RF% #benchmarking feature, engineers can compare the performance of their models against historical data from similar #reservoirs. This helps to identify any potential discrepancies or inconsistencies in the models, allowing engineers to make adjustments and improvements to ensure that the planned #redevelopment project is technically sound. In addition, bMark™ allows engineers to quickly and easily assess the #feasibility of different strategies and scenarios.

Overall, bMark™ software is an invaluable tool for engineers working on planned redevelopment projects. which can help to maximize #recovery rates and optimize the performance of #oilandgas fields. REQUEST A DEMO, HERE 💨 Start Trial

Technical assurance given at Final Investment Decision

Greenfield oil development offshore Mexico; 1500MMstb in place

  • bMark™ helped identify twelve (12) key producing analogues, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data analytics & benchmarking performed on the reservoir data. Production profiles, recovery factor forecasts & development plan supporting the FID case
  • Insights supported the FID mid-case plan & forecasts, whilst also provided guidance on areas for further modelling & sensitivity analysis.

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