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Belltree joins NECCUS in the pursuit of driving Energy Transition and CO2 Storage Advancements

[Edinburgh, 24/01/2024] – Belltree, a global software and service provider within the energy sector, has joined NECCUS in a strategic alliance to help accelerate the energy transition in Scotland and beyond. Belltree brings expertise in asset performance benchmarking and the development of innovative tools to drive the energy transition. The collaboration between NECCUS and Belltree...
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3 Remarkable Software Innovations in AI for the Oil & Gas Industry

What’s all the fuzz about AI?, Could we trust software technologies within the Energy Sector? Will the #Upstream Industry transform with the advancement of technology? The Oil and Gas sector has been particularly conservative in adopting artificial intelligence, however, many new technologies have emerged as game changers in the industry. Why? because AI powered software...
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Meet Varsha!, A valuable member of our team

I believe that Belltree Group’s collaborative and inclusive work environment with a focus on realizing reserves potential, reducing risks and saving time, making informed commercial decisions, maximising returns and driving change will help me to continuously learn and expand my knowledge and skill set and further develop my personality. 
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A Material Balance Study Reveals Valuable Insights from Oil Fields in Egypt 🌍

Reading time: 1 min. Brief: Our Client required a model to enable #forecasting of #field recoveries from planned #redevelopment. ☑ • Belltree #Advisory team developed fully history matched material balance model for two complex #onshore water-flooded fields.✔• #bMark™ Recovery Factor (RF%) benchmarking assessed if recoveries from the material balance models were reasonable vs analogues ✔• Ultimately, Results were found to be on trend with a number...
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Belltree leads the way in carbon capture technology with new bMark™ software.

Belltree leads the way in carbon capture technology with new bMark™ software. EDINBURGH, 16 March 2023 – Belltree Ltd, the leading provider of data-driven technology solutions to the upstream energy industry, is diversifying its services to meet the decarbonised demands of the future.  The company is launching bMark™>CCS module to its ground-breaking bMark™ software that...
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Upstream Benchmarking leads to the Optimal Development Strategy, Asia

Asian Gas-Oil-Condensate Field Development Benchmarking & Analogue Review CASE STUDY BRIEF Overview , Client ChallengeThe client, after completion of a successful drilling campaign, was working towards submission of Final Investment Decision for an oil-gas-condensate discovery, offshore Asia. Fundamental questions on data assumptions, recovery factor prediction and development parameters required independent review to inform and validate....
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Proud to Join Belltree

Meet the team! “Enjoying my experience at Belltree, engaged in Energy transition projects”

When/Why I joined Belltree, my job role & what I enjoy the most?  I Joined Belltree in November of 2021. Working at Belltree has given me a great opportunity to further my passion to work in the energy sector. I work as a data analyst; maintaining and updating both our global Co2 Emissions database and...
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Technical assurance given at Final Investment Decision

Greenfield oil development offshore Mexico; 1500MMstb in place

  • bMark™ helped identify twelve (12) key producing analogues, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data analytics & benchmarking performed on the reservoir data. Production profiles, recovery factor forecasts & development plan supporting the FID case
  • Insights supported the FID mid-case plan & forecasts, whilst also provided guidance on areas for further modelling & sensitivity analysis.

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