Meet the team! “Enjoying my experience at Belltree, engaged in Energy transition projects”

Proud to Join Belltree

When/Why I joined Belltree, my job role & what I enjoy the most? 

I Joined Belltree in November of 2021. Working at Belltree has given me a great opportunity to further my passion to work in the energy sector. I work as a data analyst; maintaining and updating both our global Co2 Emissions database and improving the Oil and Gas infrastructure database. My favourite part about working in the company is collaborating with the team. Discussing ideas and next steps, as well as having a large personal input upon the type of tasks I undertake.  

What is it like to work in the industry? (Considering your background)  

Working in the industry has been a great experience for me. I have learned a great deal in a relatively short time, and I am looking forward to continuing the journey. I studied Oceanography & Coastal processes at university, and focused on marine renewable energy in my final year. This has led me to be highly motivated by the multitude of topics in the energy industry. My experience at Belltree has significantly expanded my knowledge of the energy sector. 

Relevance of Energy Transition, what does the future look like? (Summarise) 

The future of the energy industry is highly dynamic. My hope for the future is that the industry can develop further and move towards reaching net zero carbon emissions, moving away from fossil fuels where possible and/or opting for Carbon capture and storage (CCS) to reduce the carbon emissions while the energy industry develops. I am hoping I can help play a pivotal role in the energy transition sector, by developing products at Belltree and focussing on CCS. I also have a great passion for offshore marine renewable energy, therefore, seeing its implementation globally would be an exciting prospect for the future. 

Why data is important in the Energy sector? What is the inspiration surrounding our projects? 

Data is the foundation for everything we do, we require it to make any form of assessment. Data requires a great deal of management, but once complied it can be an endlessly useful basis for comparisons, predictions and estimations for a huge range of parameters. The projects I work on have been inspired by the evolving future of the energy sector with an emphasis on carbon capture and storage, to help combat rising global emissions.  

The developing databases that we have built have the ability to provide a great deal of fundamental data that can be used to assess the current state of global emissions and the existing infrastructure network. 

Fun facts about you 

I met David Attenborough when I was 8 and got his autograph on a dinosaur picture. 

I can also ride a horse backwards! 

Technical assurance given at Final Investment Decision

Greenfield oil development offshore Mexico; 1500MMstb in place

  • bMark™ helped identify twelve (12) key producing analogues, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data analytics & benchmarking performed on the reservoir data. Production profiles, recovery factor forecasts & development plan supporting the FID case
  • Insights supported the FID mid-case plan & forecasts, whilst also provided guidance on areas for further modelling & sensitivity analysis.

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