Belltree simplifies CCS project evaluation with new bMark™>CCS Software

Evaluate Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Belltree Ltd, a renowned global provider of upstream intelligence, driven by its commitment to contribute to the decarbonised demands of the future, is launching bMark™>CCS software, an innovative carbon capture & storage benchmarking solution to enable effective evaluation in site selection and streamlined management throughout the project lifecycle.

bMark™>CCS benefits

By pairing proven data-driven approach which has informed and empowered oil & gas industry leaders for the last decade, bMark™>CCS will allow its customers to assess the potential of carbon storage sites efficiently, in a step toward achieving global Net Zero targets.

By applying data-derived insights and machine learning algorithms, bMark™>CCS empowers decision makers as to the suitability and estimated resources of potential carbon storage projects. Additionally, the software enables risk identification and mitigation, whilst allowing users to explore high potential sites that can be proposed for development.

With the increasing number of CCS projects, the derived data within bMark™>CCS  will contribute to a framework for multiparameter benchmarking, allowing an enhanced understanding of the suitability of a site for CCS. The robust bMark™ database, contains 16,462 candidate fields for deep carbon storage, with 504 fields already involve some form of gas injection and 40 explicitly utilizing CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR).

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About Belltree:

Belltree is a leading software provider specializing in data analytics solutions for the energy sector. With a focus on innovation, by developing and deploying the unique energy benchmarking software platform bMark™, Belltree is committed to helping organizations optimize their energy portfolio for sustainable and responsible resource management. Backed by decades of global industry experience, Belltree’s engineers, geologists and data scientists specialise in digital transformation to maximise upstream asset performance and unlock reserves potential, harnessing the potential of data to support key decision makers and drive industry efficiency. Belltree is committed to supporting the upstream energy industry to navigate the energy transition and has recently developed a premium subscription to the long-standing bMark™ platform – bMark™ CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage). bMark™ CCS provides global data on the emerging CCS industry whilst allowing users to accurately identify the suitability of potential carbon storage sites, calculating resources and risk via guided workflows.

Technical assurance given at Final Investment Decision

Greenfield oil development offshore Mexico; 1500MMstb in place

  • bMark™ helped identify twelve (12) key producing analogues, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data analytics & benchmarking performed on the reservoir data. Production profiles, recovery factor forecasts & development plan supporting the FID case
  • Insights supported the FID mid-case plan & forecasts, whilst also provided guidance on areas for further modelling & sensitivity analysis.

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